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Most people think of Arizona as hot, desolate desert with nothing for miles but cacti and rattlesnakes. But Arizona is home to majestic mountains, tons of snow, the oldest continuous rodeo (1884) and lays claim to the largest stand of Ponderosa pines in the world. But we do have our share of desert heat, an assorted array of cacti, and a smorgasbord of undesirable “critters” that call Arizona’s wilderness their home.

Arizona’s Rim Country is host to blinding snowstorms, rushing creeks and rivers, vast pine forests and cool summer nights where those that choose to live in the lower elevations come to relax and escape the blistering heat. 

I invite you to dip your toes into the refreshing streams of Rim Country and bring your copy of Reflections from Rim Country: An Anthology, along with you. Take flight with a bird of prey who thwarts a family's disaster in a forest fire, discover the mysteries of Apache legend in the Mazatzals, come along on an exciting search & rescue in the Tonto forest, ponder the hidden treasures and humor of poetry, hold your breath along with two young boys at the mouth of a mountain lion’s cave, and be swept away by an old rancher’s love for his family, deep-set roots and passion for storytelling.                     

Rim Country Creative Writers is proud to announce the publication of Reflections from Rim Country: An Anthology from Dancing With Bear Publishing--coming spring 2013.

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