When things seem to go well, time shoots from one day to the next until you’re wondering what to wear to work on Monday morning; then you’re faced with the first of the month and bills that were just paid a day or two ago, weren’t they? If we could only stop and smell the roses as they say...stop moving for a sec--listen to the plink, plink, plink of raindrops in a puddle; open your eyes and see the clouds part to the perfect arc of a rainbow; take a deep breath and smell the freshly mown grass drift sweetly through an open window; touch a loved one’s cheek--feel the innocence of a baby’s skin, the sensual flutter of your lover’s, or the wisdom in the lines of the aged; and never put off taking a bite of your favorite dessert. Life is simply too dang short to miss out on the good stuff. 
But when things are tough, the clock ticks in rhythm with your heart, slicing into your future with a jagged edged knife. Ask anyone who is battling illness, waiting on test results, a job interview or meeting a lover. 

Juggling a full work schedule, last minute details for our son’s college graduation next week, worry over my spouse’s job, declining sales in our business, taxes (first time ever we had to file an extension and it freaked me out), exercising, and finding time to write has been difficult these last few weeks.  As Kelly Clarkson says in her #1 hit song, “what doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger...” I should have muscles like Adonis by now.... 

No matter how crunched my time, there’s always one spark that lifts my spirits. The highlight of my week is attending Rim Country Creative Writers sessions on Tuesdays. Oh, and I skip my exercise workout, my husband is in charge of dinner (usually a scrumptious grilled chicken salad from Jack in the Box) and I curl up under the covers and read until I can't hold my eyes open. The perfect end to a hectic day. 

Do you have a special day just for you? I'd love to hear about it.

Until next time...

Happy Reading, Happy Writing...




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