Who in their right mind makes an appointment with their GYN on Valentine's Day?

Six months ago when I made the appointment, the significance of the day never crossed my mind. On February 14th however, it most certainly did. The day romance fills the air with roses, chocolates, and words meant to melt the heart, pure dread filled mine. "Baring it all" for the man in green is not exactly comfortable on any day, but Valentine's Day? Seriously? Not exactly my idea of a romantic encounter!

Okay, so I never said I was in my right mind. And since I couldn't stop the silly images clogging my little pea-brain, I wrote this instead. 

Woke this morning with thoughts of you
and my heartbeat began to flutter--
With your special twinkle reserved just for me
every muscle went flimsy, like melting butter.

I dressed in a hurry, only to think
why bother, when it's just coming off?
Eyebrows raised, I can't help but imagine
what you've planned for me while in the buff.

A special greeting, my gosh you're so sweet
I'm your special girl--I'm surely the one--
The touch of your hand so warm and kind
and I skooch down, feet raised to the sun.

Oh, the metal things, ties, and warm, gooey stuff
would give Shades of Grey an all new chapter--
And someone else watching our intimate foray
how will I explain this on the morning after?

Oh, how I smile when our rendezvous' over
our special visit, this day once a year--
I AM your girl, just like the parade of others
ten minutes with you, and all is quite clear.

And you've wonderful news to share with me
we'll be doing this again, same time next year--
I shan't pick this same day-how did that happen?
but I'm already planning what NOT to wear.

The day set aside for sweethearts and lovers
romance, candlelight, and sweet chocolate wine--
I chose instead to reveal my innermost secrets
and bare everything in a setting not so divine.

Not exactly what this day brings to mind
and after all this, shaking hands in the end?
Ahh...until next year, when hearts are a-flutter
Happy Valentine's Day to my special GYN! 



03/02/2013 12:16pm

Well, I guess that's one way to spend Valentines Day. Hope the rest of it was a little better. If I was scheduled for a colonoscopy I would have been making a call to the doc for a schedule change.


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