What do you mean you can't wait TWO DAYS till Christmas?


I gasped and plugged my ears. What good that would do if she fell, I haven't a clue. But at least I wouldn't have heard her crash through the poinsettias and land

on the floor. Hubby was closer. He didn't get up. He had to capture the Kodak moment while his "little round belly shook like a bowlful of jelly."


Our precious Sadie--who is neither adventurous nor brave--decided climbing onto the hearth to find out where that yummy smell was coming from was a most excellent idea. I had already moved their stocking once to keep them from getting into it. Evidently, placing the hanger around the bear's ear wasn't much of a deterrent. 

Since Ryleigh came along Sadie thinks she's a puppy, and Ryleigh's obvious lack of restraint (and discipline) when it comes to adventure has taken root in our precious little eight-year-old Shih Tzu. She can't hide the evidence. She is smart, but she can't photoshop herself out of the picture. Besides, Ryleigh always gets the blame, so why not go for it? 

And we thought The Riles was the instigator. Poor Riles.

I swear Sadie can smell a squeaky toy from a mile away. Or perhaps that wonderful smell was coming from the treats I stuck in their Kong toys. My intention was to be efficient so none of us had to hunt down a doggie treat to poke inside them on Christmas morning.

My bad. 

The doggie stocking is out of the way now. Hubby hid it. Come to think of it, I haven't seen it since Sunday morning during the Arizona Cardinals game (they won, by the way!). 

Uh oh. 

I should have watched where he put it. I'm sure Sadie and Ryleigh did. 

And Santa. He'll know exactly where it is and put it in its rightful place so the puppies can have their treats and new toys on Christmas morning. The girls shouldn't have a hard time finding them--they should have that tell-tale doggie smell--they've already been slimed!

Our dogs are part of our family and celebrate with us. Except dinner. No people food. If we did, Sadie would barf and Ryleigh wouldn't be fit to be around after dinner. The prime rib wouldn't smell the same. Trust me. 

My sincerest wishes for a blessed holiday season for you, your family and all the critters you call "family". There's no better place to be than surrounded by love--the warmth of friends and family, and our furry family members as well.

Merry Christmas to you all--

Until next time,
Happy Reading--




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